Friday, January 20, 2012

Another New Year

Well 2012 certainly came at me with a huge whoooosh!! Not sure where 2011 went to but I was kept pretty busy not only with the crazy wedding rush over May to November but we also moved house and I reached the grand old age of 60!  Once I would been a pensioner but with the government moving the goalpost wider they have decided that I wont be one now until I have 61 and 5 months old and they will then let me have my pension, free bus pass and heating allowance!  something to look forward to in June 2013 then...

The personalised toppers I was commissioned to make in 2011 were really unique and a couple made me blink when I was reading just what it was they wanted to have on top of their wedding cakes.. but each to their own and at least the out of the ordinary toppers were totally unique to each couple.. just as it should be!

Here are just a few of them to show you what kept me busy.