Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas and New Year

The last topper for 2009 was this one! He's from Australia and a professional thai boxer and the bride wanted him to have a black eye - lol! The wedding is to take place on the beach, hence the waves, shells and palm tree in the background.

We are just a few hours away from 2010 and I for one will not be sad to see the back of 2009!

Christmas day was spent at my daughter's with the whole family which was really lovely and its just going to be me and hubby seeing in the new year - thats if we manage to stay awake!

I'm hoping that 2010 will be 'the' year for me inasmuch I am breaking into wedding fayres and advertising in a wedding magazine, whoo hooo! It's about time I broke away from just the internet and let all those non internet users know I'm around and what I can offer.

From March till October is my crazy time and I'm really quite slow during the other three months and its those ones that I'm hoping to get filled in my diary so I have no gaps left. Although sometimes I welcome it as it gives me a chance to catch up with other stuff that usually gets pushed aside because time is not on my side.

I am trying to build up an assortment of cake toppers that I can use on my display table - so far I have managed to make 4 brides and 2 grooms - must get busy doing more! My daughter has offered to help me build two portfolios along with leaflets and order forms and I must remind myself to order new business cards!

Need to also get myself a couple of fake cakes and was thinking of getting those styrofoam (or however it is you spell it!) circles and decorating with ribbons and flowers for the toppers to be placed on.

So onwards and at em!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where has the Time Gone to ??

Goodness me, six months since I last posted and so much has gone on during that time!!!

I've been so busy with work and family that some things have had to be pushed into the background and left alone.

I should get myself into a daily or weekly routine to bring my blog up to date and keep up with everybody elses should be one of my new year resolutions!

For now, just a few photo's of some of the cake toppers that I've done the last couple of months.

The bride and groom of these cake toppers did not want to see them until the day of their wedding so I sent them to a relative who placed them on the cake at the reception. They loved being surprised and thankfully were very happy with the toppers.

This bride and groom was my third indian bride and groom and I really enjoy doing them - maybe its got something to do with the colours!
It was nice to meet the bride and groom-to-be as they came to pick up the toppers themeselves and it was so lovely to hear how happy they were about the toppers.

I also did a motorbike for the groom and will put up a photo later.

Right, I think at 6.27am I deserve that first cup of coffee of the day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Catching Up

I've not had a chance to even look at my blog these past couple of weeks as its been hectic all round!

We now have a new addition to our family with the birth of Henry George Walter who weighed in at a mere 10lbs!!!! It was a really big struggle and my daughter had a pretty bad time of it all. So much so that poor Henry had his arm broken while being delivered as it was a case of him having to be got out quick!!!!!

I've been living most of my time at the hospital and I think with the amount of parking fee's I've paid I should not be allocated my own space for life! I know the hospital's have to get money from somewhere but blooming heck why do they have to charge so much?????

Slowly keeping on top of orders but kind of getting a bit behind and I know its going to be a mad rush the next few weeks to get back on track again - and this is my busiest time.

Will post pictures of Henry as soon as I find some time.

Pauline :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Day

Never managed to do any blogging yesterday as was not in my craft room. Went with my daughter to the hospital for a scan and ended up being there for over 5 hours!!!!

She is so heavily pregnant that it hurts her and has been exhausted so much so that she's been off work for 10 weeks. After much too and froing from the doctors and hospital they decided the best thing would be for her to start her maternity leave early.

To top it all her blood pressure is high and rising and she is also undergoing test for sleep apnea and has had to be wear one of those masks for two months. So she's not getting much sleep either!

What was supposed to be just a scan (she has 5 weeks to go) turned into us having to go to four different departments for further tests and if you saw her you would think she is about ready to burst!!!

when doctor asked her if she had any problems she told him how she was in constant pain and he actually said 'take paracetamol'!!!!!!

Wanted to fit her with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor but after half an hour they could not get it to work so in the end told her she has to go to her midwife every two days to have her pressure checked and to contact them if it gets any higher!!

My daughter may be 35 but she is still my baby and I really feel for her!

I had high blood pressure with all three of mine and was induced before my time because of it.

Hopefully in a few weeks it will be all over for her - or will it be just starting! ..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not My Day Today

Think I should have stayed in bed today as I'm not really getting anywhere!

I'm sure most of you will understand where I'm coming from when I say that nothing I seem to do right (craft wise) is working.

I've been working on a bride's dress now and twice I've squished it to restart and decided to build it up in two stages. Anyway, after softening the white fimo I have just seen blooming grey streaks running though it which now makes it unusable!! (well for the white dress anyway).

Sooooooo I am going to stop for the day and restart fresh tomorrow!

Wedding Cake Toppers Finished

Well just finished this pair of wedding cake toppers and have them all ready and packed up to get in the post tomorrow for delivery to bride-to-be Tuesday morning!
Don't really get a lot of sitting down couples and without having the actual cake, or any cake for that matter, to judge it can be a bit fiddly if I don't get the body part correct otherwise the figurine would topple over! Thankfully I got this one right!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Day Blog Building

Well its day three of me trying to get the hang of blog building and I've called on the help of some really great people on a craft forum I'm hooked on - and if anybody can help me - they can!!!

I'm not even sure what to write about and if thats strange because if you ever met me, I never stop talking . Mind you when I do find something to write about I can sometimes get a bit carried away and end up almost writing a book when I could have said it in two paragraphs!

Right, its back to the craft table and finish of my latest bride and groom pair as I want to get them in the post tomorrow. Will put up a picture later on if I remember!

Thanks for reading so far.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting Rocks

I was looking at some old files in my photobucket account and came across my painted rocks I used to do. I started painting them for something to do while living in America as I was unable to work and wanted something pretty to put on the steps in front of our house. I really enjoyed painting them and before I knew it I even had orders for them and they were being sent through the post to others! Anybody in UK would have thought me mad if I had told them I was posting rocks all over the place I'm sure! Anyway, just wanted to share a few of these with you and maybe one day I can get moving and paint some more - would love to find the time!!

A couple of my cottages - the blue one was my first!

This one has always been my favorite and I have promised myself when I start painting again I will reproduce this one!
This little lot were from my 'blue snowman' collection
These were for customers who used them as doorstops.
And on that note I better stop posting pictures otherwise I could go on all night!!! lol
hope you enjoy looking at them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspired Wedding Favours by Joanne

My soon to be second time mum daughter is now on maternity leave and is looking at working from home once her maternity leave is over.

I've naturally pointed her in the wedding direction as I believe her talent could lie there and of course I can give her a helping hand to get started.

She has been working hard with designing various wedding favours and has loads ideas now that she has the craft bug!

Here is a few pictures of her favours so far.

April's Cake Toppers

I've been kept busy with the start of the wedding season upon us and the next few months thankfully will be keeping me even more busy.

Wanted to try and 'have a go' at building up my blog instead of it lying dormant for a few weeks/months at a time.

wish me luck and just a few pictures of toppers I did last month!