Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cutie Pie Wedding Cake Toppers

I have introduced a range of Cutie Pie Wedding Cake Toppers.  These are based on the very first wedding toppers I ever did and I have had quite a good feedback on putting them on my webpage.

Because they are only 2 to 3 inches tall these cake toppers would be ideal for the small wedding cake - not to mention a better price for the budget onscious bride-to-be. 

I feel these would also be a great memento for an engagment party and then they could even be used on top of the couples wedding cake!

Making them that little bit more personlised to each couple would only require a hair and flower colour change and still keeping the cost down.

Have to admit that I love them, but then again I'm biased! lol

My New Banner

I've finally managed to get myself sorted with a new banner which I hope over the weeks I can get it up and running in all my sloted places.

Still not 100% happy with how its looking at the top of my blog page but will work on it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Fayres done in February

I managed to get two wedding fayres done in February.  The first one was not a good one for anybody because it was not advertised and placed in the middle of nowhere with no signs stating there was a wedding fayre even on!   All of the suppliers that I spoke to told me not to be disheartened as they were not all like this and to put it down to experience.

The second one was a week later and I was more positive only to be shot down on waking up to a blanket of deep and dangerous snow which turned out to be one of the main reasons that not a lot of people came through the doors. 

Those that did come showed a lot of interest and a quite a few of my leaflets and business cards were picked up so fingers crossed I get some feedback from them.

I think if its taught me anything on wedding fayres it made me realise that its not really worth the time and effort doing the smaller ones and I was advised to spend the money wisely on table space and only do one or two of the big ones once a year!  This advise I think I will follow.

Doing the wedding fayres did give me experince in setting up and displaying my table and I feel that next time I will be more relaxed and able to set up with the minimum of fuss and time. so not all was wasted!

Pauline :)