Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Day

Never managed to do any blogging yesterday as was not in my craft room. Went with my daughter to the hospital for a scan and ended up being there for over 5 hours!!!!

She is so heavily pregnant that it hurts her and has been exhausted so much so that she's been off work for 10 weeks. After much too and froing from the doctors and hospital they decided the best thing would be for her to start her maternity leave early.

To top it all her blood pressure is high and rising and she is also undergoing test for sleep apnea and has had to be wear one of those masks for two months. So she's not getting much sleep either!

What was supposed to be just a scan (she has 5 weeks to go) turned into us having to go to four different departments for further tests and if you saw her you would think she is about ready to burst!!!

when doctor asked her if she had any problems she told him how she was in constant pain and he actually said 'take paracetamol'!!!!!!

Wanted to fit her with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor but after half an hour they could not get it to work so in the end told her she has to go to her midwife every two days to have her pressure checked and to contact them if it gets any higher!!

My daughter may be 35 but she is still my baby and I really feel for her!

I had high blood pressure with all three of mine and was induced before my time because of it.

Hopefully in a few weeks it will be all over for her - or will it be just starting! ..


JanJ said...

Blimey Pauline 5 hours at the hospital not funny for either of you! Hope she's ok and her blood pressure doesn't get any higher.

Take care

Jan x

Anonymous said...

Pauline, I really feel for you and your daughter and hope and pray that everything calms down for her and she has a safe pregnancy (what's left) and childbirth. Sending lots of love and hugs to both of you!!

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Love Laura xxx

Helen said...

Oh my Pauline, hope the rest of her time goes better.

cardsepecially4you said...

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