Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting Rocks

I was looking at some old files in my photobucket account and came across my painted rocks I used to do. I started painting them for something to do while living in America as I was unable to work and wanted something pretty to put on the steps in front of our house. I really enjoyed painting them and before I knew it I even had orders for them and they were being sent through the post to others! Anybody in UK would have thought me mad if I had told them I was posting rocks all over the place I'm sure! Anyway, just wanted to share a few of these with you and maybe one day I can get moving and paint some more - would love to find the time!!

A couple of my cottages - the blue one was my first!

This one has always been my favorite and I have promised myself when I start painting again I will reproduce this one!
This little lot were from my 'blue snowman' collection
These were for customers who used them as doorstops.
And on that note I better stop posting pictures otherwise I could go on all night!!! lol
hope you enjoy looking at them.


Rita said...

Oh I love these Rocks. Beautifully painted. xxx Rita

JanJ said...

Your rocks are lovely, really well done

Jan xx

Pauline@WeddingTreasures said...

Thanks a lot. I really do miss painting them! I shall have to keep my eyes open for some rocks and start building up a little pile ready for the summer where I can sit in the garden and paint.