Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some of my Latest Toppers

Ive been a bit stretched this month with more than normal hospital visits and things have been a bit manic.  My topper orders this month seem to be taking longer than normal and I have some really good ones coming up. 

From the dancing scene of Grease to a spanish bull and jersey cow and a mountaineer and a cylists.......all will keep me on my toes no doubt!

Here is a couple of sets that the weddings have now taken place.


Shpangle said...

Brlliant as always..no wonder they are taking longer than normal, the detail is amazing!

Can't wait to see what you produce next.


Pauline@WeddingTreasures said...

Thanks Mick :). Just took a photo of my latests one which is a travel theme and if I say so myself, I'm pretty pleased with them.

Pauline :)