Thursday, June 10, 2010

May News

May was a tornado of mishaps, fighting red tape and a much needed short weekend break in Derby with great friends!

Our car was written off by something that fell off the back of a white van - who did not even stop! Whatever it was it blew out two tyres and damage the undercarriage. Long story short we managed to buy another car which turned out to cost a further £600 with new tyres, exhaust, full service and repair the air con! Well you never know, we may just get a decent summer this year .

Just glad that May is out of the way - apart from the our time spent in Derby that is.

Anyhoooo, a few of the toppers I managed to get done:

Military Groom with his Bride and their son in matched military uniform.

One happy bride and mummy-to-be

Poker playing bride and groom - bride wanted more chips as she always wins!

A bride, a groom and their tractor

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